Swami Ganeshanand Ji

Swami Ganeshanand Ji born in North Bihar, which is the birthplace of many literary people and home to Madhubani Paintings. With a natural existence in a family of traditional yoga teachers who have been imparting yoga training for the past 50 years, Swamiji naturally inherited the basic essence & importance of the Yogic karma and initiated his life in imparting the oldest religion of India i.e. Yoga. Swami Ganeshanand understood the intricacies of life very early and has devoted his life in by him, has relieving mankind of the present day miseries.

It is after many years of toil and struggle that his sadhana started bearing fruit. He was a brilliant student and was keen to learn new facts based on everyday experiences. He formally completed his basic education until his basic instincts transverse his chosen path of yoga, which was strewn with many hardships. He serves the underprivileged, downtrodden and on the other hand the affluent with similar zeal. He is truly imbued with the spirit of service of mankind through Yoga. He has taught many aspirants all over the country the practical wisdom of how to live gracefully with a peaceful mind in a stress free body. It is because of the dedication to Yoga that today there are many who follow his teaching with implicit faith. It is His life's mission to reach out to all, and it is to accomplish this task that he relies on different mediums including the media. He has been talked about in glowing terms in different media including Aaj tak, Zee News, IBN 7 (TV 18), Doordarshan, ETV, Akashvani, Voice of America, and Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Rajasthan Patrika and many more.

Contribution to Society

He has been committed to the service of mankind by spreading the message of Yoga through the length and breadth of the country.

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