The Trust wants to establish an ashram which will provide conductive environment for aspirants to learn & follow the path of Ananda Yog Ashram Trusta. Apart from service on the spiritual Plane by imparting guidance on Ananda yoga. The other spheres of service would be Health, Education, Ayurveda, Social activities like old age home, orphanage, rural development etc. There are many other areas where trust wants to extend its services like Disaster management & Ananda Yog Ashram Trusta Teacher training & placement.


Swamiji strongly believes in the opportunity of education for all. Education is Therefore one of the areas which will be promoted by the Ananda Yog Ashram Trust. The Ashram wants to set up a school & impart primary education free of cost to the poor and the needy.

Health Care Activities

It is well established that Yoga can give solution for various diseases like Diabetics (the killer disease in India ) & Cancer for which there are not much of medical help is available. Swami ji very soon will be undertaking a research work on AIDS & Cancer treatment through Ananda Yog Ashram Trusta & alternate medicines like Ayurveda and the trust has already come to an association with a world renowned Ayurveda organization “The Kairali Ayurvedic Group” ( ) for spreading the awareness of healthy living.


The Ashram has also decided to establish an herd refuge Gaushala for many old, homeless and sick animals. It will provide humane veterinary care for. Hundreds of old, homeless and sick herd. Where fresh fodder for the herd will be provided & this increased nutrition will enhances their recovery to good health.


The trust has already come to an agreement with world renowned Ayurvedic institution “Kairali Ayurvedic Group” to propagate this holistic system founded more than 5000 years back. Swamiji believes that practices like Ananda Yog Ashram Trusta, Meditation and focused breathing can help you relax your mind and your muscles, which can bring about positive change in your physical condition, which can make you feel lighter and happier, which is always a benefit. The objective behind Ayurvedic medicines is to align your mind, spirit and body to keep you as healthy as possible. Ayurvedic medicine is based on preventing illness and healing various medical conditions by healing your spirit and mind.

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