Ananda Kriya - Power Breathing For Inner Cleansing

About Ananda Power Yoga- Indigenously Developed

The purpose of Ananda Yog Ashram Trusta is to transform every individual so that the INNER ENGINEERING IS DONE and to create and balanced personality for everyone around the world. Here's an unparalleled opportunity brought to you by Ananda Yog Ashram Trust to re-engineer one's self through the inner science of yoga LET'S START THE YOG TOGETHER IN THE EXTENSIVE YOGIC –TREK. This YOGIC-TREK is open to all with or without prior yoga experience.

This blissful journey comprises of:-

Ananda Asan - Power Exercise For Healthy Body

Understand the Body-Mechanism through different Yogic postures and generate positive vibes throughout the body. The vibrant Mantras take you to full depth and dimension which enable you to know your inner instincts and thus help you to utilize your ultimate potential.

Ananda Kriya - Power Breathing For Inner Cleansing

Breathe in the freshness around you with our self developed breathing technique which refreshes you & leaves you active throughout the day. This simple yet effective 10 minute breathing exercise gives you the multiple benefits:

Ananda Meditation - Special Technique For Peaceful Mind

Learn the language of your soul through the Ananda Musical Meditation which takes you deep inside yourself and introduce you to your divine spirit and generate tremendous energy and dynamism

These specialized forms of meditation through music and dance are based on the principles of psychoacoustics in mind (the psychology of sound), and they are designed not just to relax you, but to absorb your attention and gently coax your mind into a state of deep meditation.

  1. It stimulates the brain & energises the body.
  2. It makes the lungs stronger and increases its capacity to oxygenate all the cells in the body.
  3. It promotes healing of all the organs in the body. It promotes overall good health and vigour.

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